Media Training

Media Training

Tailor-Made, Expert Media Training

Our media and presentation training gives you the edge and fully equips your skills for the ‘Public’ aspect of Public Relations.

Our training, which is run by top former journalists, include a range of modules which are tailored to your level of experience and organisation’s business needs.

Content covered varies, but can typically include:

• Media overview: inside the world of a journalist and the NZ media landscape
• How the news machine works: reputation and headlines
• What to do if a journalist cold calls
• Dealing with media: getting the best results
• Practical scenarios and live interviews on camera: tips, tricks and techniques that work
• Presentation training
• Full written analysis and video clips are provided post-session

Set yourself up for success.

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We are thinking of all our candidates, clients and their families at this time. Communicators are continuing our services from home and we have communication professionals with extensive experience in crisis management and internal communications who are available immediately for contract work.


Please get in touch if you need support. Also note the additional services we offer and watch out for our on-line workshops designed to provide you with up-skilling and support while we all work through the challenges of working in new ways.


Kia Kaha.