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We’re experts at Marketing, PR and Communications recruitment and training

About Communicators

Communicators provides the very best PR, Marketing and Communications professionals, at all levels, to power your organisation in today’s complex, ever-changing environment.

Communicators was founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of connecting top organisations with the very best Marketing and Communications talent.

Since then, we have built a comprehensive base of connections and a solid understanding of where the industry is headed and what’s needed to succeed.

As a result, Communicators has expanded its services to also coach and equip professionals and teams with the right tools, skills and mindset they need.

With decades of working industry experience and a deep knowledge and understanding of the local and international PR, Marketing and Communications market, we get you the right outcome you need to thrive.

‘Digital’ has also revolutionised the way we communicate and conduct business, resulting in a seismic shift in how individuals manage their career trajectory. It also means evolving how organisations structure their teams and manage resourcing

How Communicators works

When you engage us, expect results and the right people to walk through your door.

We don’t just fill seats – we source and grow the right expertise for you.

As our name suggests, you also get to work with a seasoned ‘Communicator’ from start to finish. Our depth of knowledge and experience gives us the ability to source, screen and influence the best talent and companies on your behalf.

You also have access to the most sophisticated market-mapping, skill assessments and current training techniques available in the industry.

We work with all levels in the industry and have unrivalled connections to talent that have been earned and well proven, over time.

Our Key Communicator

Lynley Lischner
General Manager, Communicators

With an extensive, and very successful, career in corporate Marketing and Communications……….

Lynley Lischner
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Communicators Recruitment Auckland

We are thinking of all our candidates, clients and their families at this time. Communicators are continuing our services from home and we have communication professionals with extensive experience in crisis management and internal communications who are available immediately for contract work.


Please get in touch if you need support. Also note the additional services we offer and watch out for our on-line workshops designed to provide you with up-skilling and support while we all work through the challenges of working in new ways.


Kia Kaha.