Digital Content Strategy Course

Digital Content Strategy Course

We get you ready to ‘WOW’

Content truly is king in the digital world.

To properly engage and reach your audience, you have to first gain their trust. This is only possible with a quality, authentic content strategy.

Get the right tools and blueprint to create a powerful digital content strategy and implementation plan.

This course covers:

  • How to conduct a content audit to uncover opportunities and gaps in your current strategy
  • How to tell your brand story in a way that properly resonates with your audience
  • How to set key benchmarks and measurement metrics to evaluate the success of your content
  • How to develop a content creation framework to produce, and repurpose, effective content on a consistent basis
  • How to use data and new digital tools to ensure your content can compete online and be found in the top positions to drive traffic and leads to your business
  • How to create an effective editorial calendar and a distribution plan
  • How to leverage different types of content to nurture your audience
  • How to write for both humans and search engine spiders
  • How to design an activation strategy to create an omnipresence across all of your owned, paid, earned and shared channels
  • How to evaluate and measure success

This course is for Communications and Marketing professionals at all levels who want to learn a fast and effective way of creating a powerful content strategy that gets results.

Set yourself up for success.

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