How to Shine in an Uncertain Job Market

PR and Communications professionals excel at raising awareness and reputation for brands, but telling your own story when your livelihood is at stake can be challenging.

Now, more than ever, it’s time for your resilience and unique story to shine!

Here are my top tips for maximising your personal brand to land the right role for you:

Maintain Your Energy and Confidence

During uncertain times, it’s crucial to maintain your energy, confidence, and mana. No matter how talented and confident you are, missing out on opportunities or receiving rejections, sometimes without feedback, can be tough. But, the one thing that will show through every time is a negative or defeatist attitude. A smile and a gracious attitude will go a long way to make you a memorable candidate. (Yes, you can read an ‘attitude’ in an email or even a CV!)

Leverage Your Network

Keep applying, and reach out to ex-colleagues, employers, family, friends, and connections. People like to help – you just need to ask.

Build Your Influence Online and Offline

Attend industry events, invite a connection for coffee, join online groups, volunteer, write articles, and get active on LinkedIn. For example, attending a local PR meetup or writing a guest post for an industry blog can significantly boost your visibility.

Upskill Yourself

It’s also the time to upskill while looking. Communications roles increasingly require digital expertise so if this is a gap in your CV, address this. If you have had other work experiences such as marketing, business development, or finance, this provides you with an opportunity to broaden the roles you apply for.

Stand Out to Employers

It’s an employer’s market so they are naturally looking for ‘stand out’ candidates right now. To be in the consideration set requires planning, commitment, and flexibility.

Craft Your Unique Story

As a communications professional, you excel at writing. However, defining what makes ‘you’ unique and the right person for the role can be daunting. Here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • Know your ‘story’ – Be able to concisely relate what makes you stand out as a great candidate. Your uniqueness comes from your values, interests, and passions. It includes naming your soft skills which are your qualities and attributes, your experiences, and successes. While your technical skills are part of your ‘story’, what makes you memorable is more than your ‘list’ of skills. My test of how well someone has conveyed their uniqueness is how readily I can reflect in one or two sentences why they are a standout candidate. Tip: Spend time on this and if you need help, we offer personal brand coaching. 😊
Optimise Your C.V. with the 4 B’s
  • Bespoke: Tailor it to the role you are applying for. Write it for the search bots and overwhelmed recruiters scanning for an obvious fit. Tip: Your personal statement should be upfront, immediately informing and inspiring the reader.
  • Balance: Keep your CV visually appealing with appropriate fonts and layout. No need for a photo.
  • Brief: Ideally, keep it to 2-3 pages. Include your technical skills and key attributes as bullet points immediately after your personal statement. Limit work experience descriptions to three bullet points per role, focusing on achievements and responsibilities.
  • Brilliance: Present your career story like a ‘teaser’ campaign using language that expresses your qualities and uniqueness. Illustrate your value by revealing your expertise, passion, and successes.
Craft a Standout Letter of Application 

Your letter of application is your moment to stand out by using your comms prowess!

  • Motivation: In the first paragraph, the reader should know why you are excited to apply. Link previous experience and ambitions to the particular organisation.
  • Relate to the specific role: Use examples, show how the role aligns with your strengths, technical skills, and experience. If you worked in a related sector, state that, and if not, join the dots as to why your experience relates to this position. Highlight proven skills under headings and relate specific experience and achievements.
  • Disclose interpersonal attributes: Use powerful language to describe something you stand for e.g., ‘A champion of….’, ‘An energetic force….’, ‘A known collaborator…’ etc.
Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

State in your heading descriptor if you are looking for a new opportunity. Recommendations are invaluable – ask your previous employers and colleagues if they would support you by writing a brief recommendation. Who you follow and what you post will increase your online presence and again, include keywords that describe your skills. LinkedIn has extensive tips on how to create a great LinkedIn profile.

Remember, you’re unique – make sure to tell your story the best way possible.

Good luck!

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How to Shine in an Uncertain Job Market

Navigating an uncertain job market can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can stand out. This article explores practical tips to help you highlight your strengths, leverage your network, and stay resilient, ensuring you shine even in tough times.

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